When Love Precedes Us

Guiding Theme | Issue #100

My heart is feeling more expansive than usual, for better and for worse. With this most recent Pink Full Moon, a depth of compassion, reverence and humility rushed in, alongside painful old patterns that were being illuminated for the purpose of release and healing.

My old wounds were being reflected back to me in my relationships and in the world. I heard this energy saying “You don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not smart enough and you’re not good enough."

I know this sounds dramatic but, this is the nature of the egoic part of ourselves. In the transition towards finding balance between the ego and spirit, the ego clings desperately. Its nature is to remain in control at all times, to help us avoid perceived danger. The Yoga Sutras recommends taking care of the ego, like a small child, and placing it upon our heart.

In our Inspired Community Call in April, we discussed the feminine archetypal energy as one of flow, playfulness and oneness. It is a potential that exists prior to ego development, like an infant that does not recognize itself as separate from the mother, when the “condition” of love precedes us.

It is clear from all spiritual traditions that we are better off, individually and collectively, if we let the spirit lead the mind. This is one of the reasons we invite the mind to watch the breath in Yoga practice. The breath unites the body, mind and spirit, allowing a more harmonious expression of our true nature, our wholeness.

  • How do you notice the difference between your Ego and Spirit?

  • What are the subtle energetic qualities of your Ego compared to your Spirit?

  • How does your Spirit guide your Ego into a more harmonious place?

Thank you for your support and participation!

With Great Love,

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We had a lovely time reconnecting in April’s Inspired Community Call! Participants are edited out for privacy, but my responses to comments and questions from the group are included.