What Nature Says About Freedom

Dear Yoga Community,

Though the rose is a very good choice for our National Flower (understood to have the highest vibration of all flowers), we have some work to do to reach that enlightened state! For now, my vote for “most helpful National Flower” would be the Milkweed.

It couldn’t be more timely, its flower resembling the fireworks of Independence Day, reminding us to celebrate the small ways in which we free ourselves from that which oppresses us--especially and perhaps only the very thoughts we allow and cultivate in our own mind.

As we learn how to better “do no harm” (ahimsa) within our mind, we simultaneously begin to see the contrast between what no longer serves us and what nourishes and supports our personal growth. When we begin to release the old and find situations and relationships that lift us up and make us feel amazing, we feel so FREE! Free to be ourselves and to enjoy this amazingly beautiful world.  

The Milkweed plant is the ultimate in supportive relationships...so much so that the Monarch butterfly will not breed unless Milkweed is present. The eggs are deposited on the underside of the protective leaves, the larvae eat the leaves as a sole source of food, and the otherwise “toxic” nature of the milky substance within the stems actually protects the butterfly from predators.

The Milkweed, in turn, receives assistance from the Monarch butterfly in pollination, allowing it to successfully produce seeds for the years to come. This relationship also benefits other pollinators, like bees, which together are responsible for one in every three bites of food we take! Wow! Milkweed wins. Monarch wins. Bees win. We win. This is the beauty of interdependence. These kinds of relationships help each participant thrive...to be free to be who they were meant to be.  

May you feel your independence from anything that doesn’t serve your Highest Self, and may that void be filled by newly inspired and supportive relationships, leading you to be FREE to be You!

With great love, Julie

Our theme for the month of July will begin next Saturday (7/10). Enjoy your holiday weekend.