What is Seeking to be Known?

Guiding Theme | Issue #120

The new moon invites us to breathe new life into an old project. As I contemplated this I realized the "old project" was me. The new moon energy is one of darkness and emptiness, opening us to the unchartered territory of our soul. Something is seeking to be known within us, but we are asked to be patient and present with its unfolding.

In last month’s discussions on the topic of humility, I mentioned I had been newly drawn to this practice through recent study of the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition. An interest in this faith has spanned the last two years largely due to my husband's increasing commitment, including weekly conversations with an elderly priest. When he began to attend a nearby church on his own, I recognized the opportunity this could hold for us to come closer together in our love of the spiritual life.

I thought to myself, "I can meditate, pray and seek God anywhere." This has certainly been true in my daily two hour walks in the woods over the past couple of years. Perhaps you have enjoyed some of my Yoga Nature videos and writings in which I share my communion with different aspects of the Divine, as perfected in a diversity of plants, flowers, birds, seasons and other patterns of the natural world. Anything I seek to feel more clarity and peace about comes to me by the end of these walks.

In addition to attending church, my husband and I are slowly integrating the unique practices of the Orthodox faith, discussing our understanding with each other every morning. This is typically a lot more uncomfortable for me than for my husband, as I process my own wounds and misunderstandings of these ancient teachings. Furthermore, while there is some common ground between Yoga Philosophy, my own Protestant upbringing, and the Orthodox faith, there are also some important differences which I'd like to better understand through personal experience. 

I invite you to witness this journey for me in the next few months. Consistent with the new moon energy, I’m not entirely sure where it will lead us, but will attempt to stay with our current order of newsletters, which includes a video next week, a Yoga nature article the third week, and a personal practice in the fourth week. You receive all four, rather than just the first and third week’s newsletter, if you have upgraded your subscription. Also for upgraded subscribers, we'll continue our community Zoom calls. This month on Thursday, October 21st, and again on Saturday, October 30th, 10:30-11:30am EST. Thank you so much for supporting this work!

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