Mushroom's Message of Hope and Renewal

Our Yoga Nature | Issue #110

This week I am trying something new! Think of it as a chance to take a walk in the woods with me, discovering a community of supportive and loving friends. Although a new experience, it feels familiar. You feel at home, loved, peaceful, clear and inspired.

Come on this journey to meet the Mushroom. Each photo in the presentation below was taken by me and represents a certain quality of the mushroom's divine wisdom. In the audio I share how I understood this wisdom of the Mushroom. 

Last week's Yoga Philosophy video was inspired by the mushroom, reminding us to take a larger perspective that includes a relationship with mother nature. Our first community call this month revealed how this intention to commune with and listen to nature has opened our hearts in new ways, softening our whole being. 

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With Great Love, Julie

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