Flow with Playful Oneness

Yoga Therapy Class | Issue #99

Welcome to this week’s Yoga Therapy class called “Oneness and Flow” which reflects our April topic of study on the feminine archetype. This class is inspired by my work with clients who lack joy in their life due to being overly busy and burdened. Both men and women tell me they are tired of this approach to life, but don’t know how to slow down, and are perhaps uncomfortable with stillness. When still, our emotional pain comes to the surface, but if we continue to run away it will manifest in physical pain in order to desperately seek our loving attention.

Yoga asks us, “Who are you when you are not doing, helping, fixing, changing, striving, planning and controlling? The feminine aspect invites us into an empty place of unknown and darkness, in order to show us that a beautiful connection can emerge from that space. It is as though the Ego gets to take a nap, allowing the Spirit to shine forth. In this place we remember who we truly are, because we are reuniting the mind with the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual body.

This class will show us how doing yoga on our own is not really “alone” and that we are interacting with the archetypes of our ancient and collective consciousness. You’ll be practicing with me, as well as with all the spiritual teachers who have, and continue to, share this sacred wisdom of Oneness. Though difficult to understand with our mind, the union we experience with All, or Oneness, is our God essence awakening within us.

This 70 minute class includes one hour of asana, followed by relaxation, pranayama and meditation practice. Oneness will be explored as we experience the energy of archetypes in our asana, merging from our heart with poses such as the Tree, Warrior or Goddess, as though we are One. This allows us to absorb the unique and harmonizing energies of each asana, providing balance where needed in our body, mind and spirit, helping us return to what yoga calls our natural state of wholeness.

We will also explore Flow in this class, as the feminine archetype invites us to dance and play, as well as feel our emotions and energy. The advanced practices after asana will encourage purification, healing and harmonization.

*For Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists, I have provided an outline of the class for your use. I’d love to hear how you enjoy this with students and clients!
Download: Flow with Playful Oneness Outline PDF

*Please note: These classes, while appropriate for all levels, are best suited for students who are familiar with the most common yoga poses. My instructions contain very few cues for physical posture and alignment but, rather, focus on cues and language to assist the student in experiencing the energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects of asana. As always, listen to your Self, trust your feelings and honor your body.

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