Being Illuminated

Guiding Theme | Issue #80

Last week I was feeling guided to “stay upside down" and many of you responded that you were also feeling drawn to stop, pause, empty, and wait. The new moon supported our inclination to stay in the dark, unknowing energy and the white snow around us became a useful image, reminding us to be like a blank slate.

This week’s waxing crescent moon begins to reflect more of the sun’s light with each passing day, which may bring more insights into the way our Soul is seeking to illuminate us. To help us with this gentle awakening, the Eagle appeared this morning with some beautiful wisdom.

First, the eagle was facing East, toward the rising sun, a position of reverence to the Great Sun or Son of God. The East represents new beginnings, or even just a recommitment to our daily intentions. Many spiritual traditions encourage us to face East in order to pray and this holy, or sacred energy, is what the Eagle is activating within us. As we rise out of a phase of stillness and emptiness, represented by this second phase of the moon, the Eagle is reminding us powerfully to remember who we are--our Highest Self, our God essence.

Second, as the Eagle perches on its branch, its head might be seen pointing downward toward its heart. Once we honor the God within us, we can then look to the heart to guide us. The heart is like a filter for any lower vibrations of fear, anger, or low self worth.

As we become honest about the energy within us, we can then breathe in deeply, uplifting the lower energy into the balm of the heart center. To cultivate this, try a 4 part breath or “Square breath”. The number 4 represents the heart chakra as well as the idea of a square or container, box, routine, or home for our Spirit. Allow this breath to bring you home to your Self as you inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4 and hold for 4. Practice until you feel a sense of calm and balance.

Finally, the Eagle leaves its perch and flies. Perhaps as we awaken we will notice the bursts of energy we receive. What we once had no motivation to do, we suddenly are excited about. Or, a new idea comes in that really lights us up. Yes, Fly! You can soar on the wind, and remember that you either already have what you need to move forward, or will be guided at the right time.

You have had experiences in life that no other person has had. You have a uniquely powerful path that you can float upon, with grace, ease and trust. 

Let me know if you experience some signs of awakening, of being Illuminated! 

With Great Love,

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