Activating Your Divine Nature

Our Yoga Nature | Issue #102

(This newsletter is part of a 4 week study on bridging the ego and the spirit according to the Bhakti path. Links are provided below the video to all parts in this series.)

Dear Yoga Community,

The oldest Classical Yoga text, the Upanishads, means "to sit near a teacher". The main lesson of this ancient text is that all wisdom exists within each of us. In these famous words of an unknown source, the importance of the teacher is "to light the candle, not fill the bucket".

It has been my observation that most of us do not believe we have all the wisdom we need within us. Rather, we seek answers and guidance outside ourselves from those we deem smarter or more important.

There are many things that can activate this inner wisdom, which is what our ongoing study is all about! This week I'd like to highlight Nature and invite you to notice more deeply how it activates your unique internal guidance system.

As I often say, being in Nature never fails to provide me with the insights, guidance and connection I most deeply seek. I shared some initial thoughts on how this works for me in issue #88, "Message of Hope from the Robin".

If you would like some practice, the video below offers an activation from Nature. Notice if you can listen with a subtle and open perception. How do you know when something resonates with you?

I would love to hear how the Crabapple and Queen Bee speak to you and activate your Divine nature. 

With Great Love,


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