A Quiet Ego Loves

Yoga Therapy | Issue #123

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued participation as I share my journey into the mystical Christianity of the Eastern Orthodox tradition. This week’s newsletter typically offers a yoga therapy practice to help us experience the concepts shared throughout the month. I will utilize our common language of Yoga to seek greater understanding of the most popular prayer in Orthodoxy.

The Prayer, or The Jesus Prayer, like Yoga therapy, prioritizes the importance of recognizing and quieting the ego so as to return to our natural state, or divine energy. We can also feel commonality with this prayer in the context of the Bhakti Path of Yoga.

As a preparation for understanding the Jesus Prayer I will offer two alternative practices that often accompany the prayer, to be contemplated before sleep. I think you’ll find these suggestions quite familiar and probably more approachable and relatable for those of us new to the Orthodox tradition. 

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