A Message of Hope From the Robin

Guiding Theme | Issue #88

Dear Yoga Community,

This morning, amidst a bright sun and blue sky, a single Robin perched high in the oak tree singing a song of wisdom so meaningful to me that I knew exactly what I was to write about. These experiences that I’ve come to call my “downloads of divine intelligence”, are something I’ve been studying over the past two years, ever since I began a spiritual practice of walking in the woods daily. More recently I’ve added an observation of the phases of the moon, and have found that this layer of information affirms and clarifies the message. I look forward to sharing this with you in future weekly newsletters, as well as the process I’ve observed, with hope that it will inspire you to also listen for the language of your Soul and share its beauty with the world.  

The most important thing, of course, is making the time to listen! I have recently been reinspired by the idea that our lives truly become what we give our attention to. A favorite Yoga Sutra, in reference to meditation says, “Our mind reflects that which it is absorbed by”. For me, walking in Nature is the easiest way to find not only quiet, but a higher vibration to immerse myself in. The sensual experience of feet upon the earth, the smell of dirt and trees, the sun or wind on my face, the rhythmic and cross-lateral action of the body as it walks, all contribute to the resulting clarity.

The second aspect of learning the language of our soul has to do with a “passive attention” that we also hear about in the practice of forest bathing. It is similar to “the zone” runners experience, or the new idea or solution we discover while taking a shower. We connect with a different part of ourselves, perhaps our third eye. Here we are simply perceiving or “being” without expectation. We are in receiving mode, allowing intuitive perception.   

Out of this passive attention, what I’ve noticed is that something gets my attention. Those who believe in the unseen world would say an angel or guide just tapped on our shoulder, nudging us to look or walk in a particular direction. Others might say our Soul has called us toward this aspect of ourselves, for example in a bird, so that we can reintegrate that forgotten part of our wholeness. I have learned to gratefully accept the mystery behind these experiences.  

This morning, as I was walking, something caused me to look up and see the Robin. Robins are very common and they don’t always cause me to notice them in this particular way. Many times I observe animals in nature and while I might appreciate them, they do not cause this “pause” in my mind. These moments feel like a portal has opened and I’m being invited in.  

It is here I become a bit like a scientist, attempting to observe the more subtle aspects of what has captured my attention. As I do this, the symbolic meaning of each aspect seems to make itself known to me. I think some of this communion brings results specific to the observer. But, I’ve had enough feedback from my readers to know these messages have universal significance. Though we each have a unique journey, there is a collective One as well.  

In this writing, I’m going to focus on the three messages that most clearly spoke to me from the Robin. The first relates to this bird’s most common association--the heralding of Spring. For this reason it is a sign of hope amidst the late winter doldrums, not to mention the late pandemic slump. In this light, the Robin tends to represent a new path revealed, or an old longing renewed. Time to shake off the lethargy and start enjoying life! 

The second message came in its solitary appearance, representing the number One. The number One has a unique energy which represents a new manifestation out of the unmanifest mystery (represented by Zero or the Circle). This reinforces the first message. Something indeed, is newly sprouting, but still young. This is exciting and yet, also requires patience.

The third message came in as I noticed the orange chest of the Robin, glowing as it reflected the rising sun. In Yoga, this color and location on the body represents the third chakra, the solar plexus, which relates to the way in which our individuated Self becomes a harmonious instrument for the Divine. This energy center represents warmth and the igniting of a spark. We can feel confident that we are supported and being guided to move forward on our path with more clarity, energy and brightness.

The next thing that happened is very important because it would be so easy to discount it while my rational mind analyzed the details of the symbolism. As I listened to the Robin sing, its tail fluttering and its beak stretching forth, I had an incredible desire to exhale forcibly, several times. I have come to know that this desire relates to a need to release and let go of energy, of the past.

This immediately reminded me of last week’s New Moon, a period of darkness that likely brought to the surface some pent up energy, ready for release. If you find yourself irritated or feeling pain related to the old patterns within you, or in our world, try this guided Breathing Exercise called “Releasing the Past” (click on the photo to listen to this audio practice). This is a beautiful way to let go of the past, transmuting the old and stuck energies to make room for the new strength and vitality represented by the Robin.

This energy is also supported by the Crescent Moon as it waxes toward its First Quarter on Saturday, March 20 (its effects felt 3 days before and after). Last week with the New Moon I asked you to consider what you were longing for. This week is a unique time for cultivating and manifesting those sparks within us. What lights you up? What have you been longing to do that has perhaps been blocked in your solar plexus? The Robin’s glowing chest awakens confidence and a sense of belonging and purpose. 

As I looked back on my notes from an encounter with a Robin one year ago, I was delighted to remember that it was the first time I had heard what has now become a constant feeling while in nature. “You are supported always and in all ways.” Thank you, Robin.

With great Love, 

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