A Love Without Conditions

Guiding Theme | Issue #112

At our deepest root, we all fundamentally desire something very simple--to be accepted and loved for exactly who we are. This feeling of unconditional love is a common description of one’s experience with God, Source or Higher Consciousness. A love without conditions exists naturally within the energy of oneness. As human beings, we lose or forget this capacity the moment we perceive a separation between ourselves and another. Yoga Psychology calls this condition or separation avidya, the first affliction of the mind from whence all other suffering is born. 

Most spiritual traditions, including yoga, guide us back toward oneness through the heart. In Yoga anatomy the heart’s energy center or chakra is seen as the bridge between the more dense energies of the lower chakras and the more subtle energies of the higher chakras. In my work with clients, students and my own personal experience, I’ve noticed that if we are feeling stuck in the heart we benefit from a grassroots approach. We can only recover the unconditional love of our natural state by returning to the root, with its corresponding element of Earth, from where we can ascend back up toward the heart.

When we harmonize the root or first chakra, as discussed in last month’s study, we reconnect to a sense of safety, protection and belonging. We regain our trust in the nourishing and supportive earth beneath our feet as well as the wisdom of our personal and collective history. The Earth meditation I shared was very helpful to many students, so I’m attaching it below as a summer gift. Some shared beautiful stories of connecting with plants or specific places on earth, truly invigorating our remembrance that this is “heaven on earth”.

Once rooted in the safety of the first chakra, we can then move our awareness to the second or sacral chakra, which connects to the element of water. Our wounds or past karma are able to surface, and the water element supports us in flowing, crying, releasing, and healing. It is helpful to remember that “darkness” is also wisdom and it comes first because, quite simply, we listen more quickly to pain and suffering!

Once we have released “all that we are not” we are able to move up through the third chakra which brings us to this month’s topic!  The third chakra, located in the solar plexus just above the navel, resonates with the element of fire, lighting up our soul’s guidance, making it clearer and bringing us into alignment with the integrity of our unique blueprint in this lifetime. In the weeks to follow I will share some powerful ideas including the importance of cultivating neutrality, the paradox of selfless service, and how to manage the natural ebb and flow of our emotions. 

When the third chakra is in harmony we arrive back in our heart center or fourth chakra. Here we connect to the element of air, breathing life force into our soul’s deepest longing and joy, opening our heart, becoming more expansive and receptive to the more subtle and spiritual energies of the still higher chakras. 

Join us on this August journey!  Next week will include a deeper dive into the topic through a Yoga Philosophy Video. Week Three brings a multi-media newsletter on Our Yoga Nature, this month I will focus on the amazing and mysterious mushroom called “Ghost Pipe”, whose essence helps us align with our spiritual strength. In the final week, I will share meditations on the elements of Fire and Air, thus giving us the masculine counterpart to the feminine elements of Earth and Water shared last month.  

May you benefit from this harmonious collection of meditations this summer as we are ever reminded of our human tendency to forget the truth of Oneness, to recommit to the practice of remembering through inner meditation, as well as our outward practice of seeking union and oneness with all.

Please feel free to share this message with a friend and invite them to join for one or two months, or become a monthly supporter of this work. Each month stands on its own, and yet also builds on past months as our yoga community evolves together.

With Great Love,


The first 5 minutes of this meditation are guided, followed by 10 minutes of silence with the sound of a quiet bell to signal the end.

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